What People are saying about Towel-Off…

stretcher-blu“I am now retired and spend many days on the beach. By the time I get home to shower, I loose motivation to go back out and run to the grocery store or other errands. Using Towel-Off has saved me a lot of time in not having to drive home to clean up. It smells good and I feel clean when I use it. I don’t have to worry about being offensive to other shoppers.” ~ Warren, Retired, West Palm Beach

camping-kids-org“I used Towel-Off on recent camping trip. It was so great to have that clean feeling when showering wasn’t an option. Since it’s quick, and not sticky, it was an easy sell for the kids too. I now leave a bottle in the car permanently.” ~ Kevin, Family Camper
traveler-suitcases-blu“I am constantly hopping on a plane and running straight into a meeting. I don’t always have the luxury of a break, much less a shower, before meeting with clients. This miracle product is like an instant spa cleanse in a convenient little bottle. It removes all the funk of airplane air while making you smell like you just got out of a luxurious spa treatment. It even comes with its own disposable mini-towels. I wouldn’t travel without it now!” ~ Jenny Schlax, World Traveler
runner-blu“I used Towel Off after I ran the other day and it worked so well! It was so easy to use and smelled great. I also didn’t feel a residue on my skin, like I did with other products such as baby wipes. I recommended it to a co-worker and she loved it too! She used it while camping. When you don’t have time to take a shower, this is the go-to product!” ~ Steph
exercise-w-drink-org“Towel-Off works great when you are stinky and sweaty and have to put nice clothes on when there is no time to shower.” ~ Reid, during a day of classes
traveler-suitcases-org“The first thing I do when I hit the ground after a long business flight is freshen up with Funk Zones. It leaves me feeling rejuvenated, confident, and ready to tackle the rest of my day. Thanks, Funk Zones!” ~ Liz
tennis-blu“I had no time to shower after PE class and my next class. It was horrible. I was so concerned with smelling bad, that I didn’t really want to talk to anyone. All I could think of was going home. Towel-Off really turned things around for me. I don’t have to worry anymore about how I smell and can focus on class and enjoy the rest of my day! Thank you Funk Zones, you have literally saved my day!” ~ Alexa, Student, Santa Barbara
tick-tock-org“Towel-Off worked like a charm! I recently drove across the country, and after sitting in a car for hours on end, you start to feel and smell..not so fresh. I was able to freshen up so quickly and easily. I love the towels and reused one towel for the whole 3 day trip! (I stored the rinsed out towelette in a plastic baggie in between uses.) I love this Towel-Off system!” ~ Ginny, Jewelry Sales, Minneapolis
runner-blu“We often stop after a track meet to get something to eat. I always feel gross after running and sitting on the bus. Towel-Off has been super easy to bring in the bathroom to clean up, when changing, to go sit in a restaurant. The whole team can feel clean now!” ~ Bella, Student/Athlete, Santa Barbara
exercise-w-drink-blu“I have an hour lunch break and I like to hit the gym at that time. There is no shower at the gym I go to and I often go back to work feeling worried I smell bad. Towel-Off has given me the confidence I need to finish my work day and I smell great!” ~ Jerry, Santa Barbara
exercise org“This product is a lifesaver. It has been created out of necessity and has been extremely useful. As a personal trainer I have to get to clients on a timely basis and that doesn’t always leave a lot of time after my own workouts. What’s great about Funk Zones is I can make sure I get my own thorough workout in and still get to my next appointment on time. Working in close proximity to people it’s important to know I am clean and free of any funk.” ~ Jerad Starks, Personal Trainer at Starks Fitness, Santa Barbara
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